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Welcome to moJOE's 1:6th Scale Paradise!
In the 5th year of service to the 1:6th scale community!
Founded on December 30th, 1998

Last Update: June 14, 2003

Webmaster's Note
Well folks, I'm in the process of reorganizing what the website was before and deleting the stuff I don't need anymore. In a few days, the site should be fully operational again. For now, enjoy!

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Links to other websites
Photos by you, who send images to me!
My list of 1:6th scale folk I currently have
About this website and webmaster.
About this site and person behind the monitor
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Thanks for visiting !

August 2019 update: thanks for visiting. I wish I had time for this again. I may come back some day, for now, I'll leave this as a time capsule. It was a memorable time of my life and I miss it dearly.