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Information About Joe

The idea for G.I. Joe first came from Stanley Weston in March of 1962. Weston took the idea to
Don Levine. He told Levine that he had an idea to create a doll based on the T.V. show called "
The Lieutenant " that starred Gary Lockwood as Lt. Bill Rice. Levine liked the figure idea but
rejected the T.V. show tie in because the show might be canceled. ( I've never even see or heard of
the show until I found out about it through learning about G.I. Joe, so I guess Mr. Levine was
right,it didn't make it after all ). In February of 1963 Don Levine was still trying to figure out how
this figure should be made. As he was passing by a art supply store and he happened to notice a
artists mannequin in the window of the store. ( Their still available today ). It was just the design
he had been looking for, and the same design that G.I. Joe is made after. The name for G.I. Joe
came from a 1945 movie called " The story of G.I. Joe " which Don Levine seen on T.V. one
night, The movie stars Robert Mitchum as G.I. Joe. G.I. Joe was first introduced at the New York
toy fair in January 1964, and was first sold in New York City stores in August of 1964. He would
be sold in stores in the rest of the country beginning between August 15th and September 15th,
1964. G.I. Joe originally sold for $4.oo and his accessory packs would sell for between $1.oo and
$5.oo. The Official G.I. Joe Club started in December of 1964, and continues today thru " Master
Collector " which can be gotten to on my PX site web page below. And last but not least, I
received my first G.I. Joe in January of 1965 for my Birthday, he was a Red headed Soldier.



Black hair / Blue eyes
Blond hair / brown eyes
Brown hair / brown eyes
Red hair / Blue eyes.

G.I. Joe is 11 1/2"s tall, thats 5'9" in real life.
He has 21 points of articulation.
He has a battle scar on his right cheek, this was put there to help as a trade mark.
He has a reversed thumb nail on his right hand. It was accidentaly put there, but kept to help too
as a trade mark.
The first African American version of Joe came out in 1965.
Before the name G.I. Joe came to light, he was originally going to be called " ACE " for the
airforce, " ROCKY " for the marines and the army and " SKIP "or " SALTY the Sailor" for the
Joe was the first toy to be called an " Action Figure " he is never to be called a doll !
During G.I. Joe's construction he was never referred to as G.I. Joe. He was referred to as "the
robot", he was kept a very close secret during production.