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Chapter One, Mission One
"The Beginning"

With a loud whirring sound, a figure appears...

He hears a noise nearby and heads over to the corner.

"This place looks kinda like my old house... but BIGGER!"
He hears murmuring coming from around the corner.

"Who are those guys?" He then hears a noise behind him and looks back.

"Hold it there, big guy!" One of the little guys squeaked.

"Ah, put a sock in it!" **CRACK!CRACK!**

"As if they were a match."

He stealthily runs across the room.

"Excellent! They didn't spot me! Now, how do I get to the table?"

"This outta do it!"

"Good, their gone!"

"Ok, maybe now I can climb up here and find out the extent of the.."


Joe is talking with the troops on the current situation.

A view of a part of my workspace.
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