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                                                                Hello Sarge, welcome to:
                                                         Lasersc's G.I. Joe Homepage!
                                           Home of the Original Agent J.O.E.!
10-30-99 Happy Halloween!
I welcome you to my new and improved page. I'm planning on taking pictures of my Joes and posting them here
for your enjoyment. So stay toned, there is much more to come. Also, the old part of my web page will be deleted
soon to make room for this page.
The SWAT team has left. Thanks Soldiers! Recon: There is also now a permanently assigned Ultimate Soldier in the area.
Be sure to keep an eye on him. ( Check it out, A POLL! ) 
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Lasersc's Halloween Edition G.I. Joe Website, Its coming closer...... its...its...VERY CLOSE! TOO CLOSE! As a matter a fact, HERE IT IS! (Well, its a preview!) NEW!
  Home of 2 Flags!
Sams  Joes
 Edition Check:
 Regular *
 Christmas ** Being Thought Through ** ( Due to come out on December 20th )
 Halloween ** Is out! ** ( Due to come out on the 27th but came out on the 29th )
 New Years ( Due to come out on December 28 )
 Independence Day (Due to come out July 1st )
 Current Contents:
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 Wanna see what happened to the guy on the first page? Click here to find out. See for yourself.
 List of 1999 Joes Listings of all the 1999 G.I. Joes
 The Squad (The Joes) My Joes.
 Squad Report (No, not Recon Report) Reports on what's happening at the base.
 The Story of Joe Wars The story of how this war started.
 Links Links to other Joe pages.
 Update! New news on what is going on. (New report by G.I. Joe reporter Neil A. McJoe)
 About Lasersc **Coming Soon** ( Page is temporally suspended )
 Awards Wait a minute, this weird page? Awards? You got to be kidding! Yes, you heard me, AWARDS!
 New Joes  Yet another report by Neil A. McJoe
 Physical Conditions of current Joes on Roster (Yeah, you guessed it. Another report by Mr. McJoe)
 Not so famous Soldiers of the World last words 'Nuff said.
 Mad Man Lasersc's Stuff 4 sale! Mad Man Lasersc is finally selling stuff as promised!
 Friendliness Chart of the Squad! NEW!
 Recon Reports Just as it says. NEW!
 1999 Reviews Finally, it comes!
 FAQ **Coming Soon** Tired of answering some of these questions.
 Poll Results ** Coming Soon ** Of course, a poll has to be done before a make this extension.
Any comments? Suggestions? Questions? Or just wanna talk Joe feel free to drop me a line by
clicking on the Icon below.
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 Thanks for you and your troop's visit here. Come back soon!
     -HQ out.