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This section is divided into 2 different sections.
There are the old missions and new missions.
The old missions were photos from an old digital camera which is now broken and the missions under that name will not continue.
The new missions are photos with my new digital camera, and the missions will continue until I get tired of it.

I will begin "filming" the first mission; "The Reunion" as soon as I can.
For now, my newest pictures are under the "Roster" page.


The Old Missions

The Beginning
The Beginning Part II
The Escape Part I
The Escape Part II
The Return
Base Building
Red Alert!
The Terrorist
The Enemy Strikes Back
A New Beginning
The Patrol
The 1:6th and the Green
The Dismantling

The New Missions (Coming Soon!)

The Reunion
Agent J.O.E. Returns
Shockwave Part I
Shockwave Part II

Want to see more of my pictures? Go to the Roster page!

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