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The Beginning, Part II, Page One

Joe instructs how to operate this mission, and sends them on their way.

The HUMVEE team is out searching for the unfinished base,
which reported Gillberg's absence

The hummer finally arrives at the base, they finds Hendricks dazed.

"Samuelson!" Cpl Sam barked, "Get out and talk with him!"

Samuelson got out and started discussing what happened while Cpl. Taylor
radioed the rest of the ground team.

A few moments later the rest of the ground team arrives.

Hendricks then points at a wall and says "He tripped and fell, but never hit the
ground, rather, he disappeared through the wall..."

The whole platoon stares at the wall.

"You, Finch!" Sarge hissed, "Through the wall, and come back alive!!"

Finch quickly jumped to his feet and ran into the wall.

He then vanished, not a single trace of him left.
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