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I don't have this part fully operational yet, but here is what I have so far.
Click on name for more information and photo.

Current Roster of Task Force Omicron Bravo Six
Its Purpose:
"To better the 1:6th Scale life by disposing of cheap knock offs!!"

Rank / Name
Position / Specialty
Captain J. Levigne
1st Lieutenant M. Lindberg
Deputy Commander
Master Sergeant A. "Sarge" Hawk
Field Commander
Corporal S. "Gas Can" Beltran
Field Deputy Commander
Corporal K. Ashby
Security Cheif
Corporal J. Finch
Corporal J. Swift
Communications Specialist
Airman First Class E. Robinson
Private G. Sedgewick
Jungle Warfare Specialist
Private R. Gillberg
Advance Recon Specialist
Private A. Hendricks
Anti-Vehicle Specialist
Private T. Boyd
Airborne Specialist
Private C. Mears
Aquatic Ops Specialist
Private M. Bond
Jungle Specialist
Private W. Tayler
Heavy Weapons Specialist
Private A. Samuelson
Heavy Weapons Specialist
Private J. Spencer
Medical Specialist

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