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                      The Story Of Joe Wars
In the beginning, there were only 3 Joes.Gung-Ho, Flint, and Grunt.Then, there was no
trouble because then there were millions of other objects that ruled the area and not
the 3 Joes.Then, one day... Joes started coming in, 1 at a time.Then, word of a new
group of "Joes" were heard.They were called "Soldiers of the World".The Joes got along
with them fine until another group of "Joes" showed up in the 1/6th scale world.They
were called "Ultimate Soldiers".When the Joes started to make friends with the Ultimate
Soldiers, the Soldiers of the World broke off from the Joes and thus started Joe Wars.
The Ultimate Soldiers were Joe's allys and they both shared and traded weaponry among
each other (Thats how my Joes got Ultimate Soldier weaponry).When the battles kept on
getting more intense, the Ultimate Soldiers also broke off from the Joes,  making it harder
for the Joes and the Soldiers of the World to win Joe Wars.The Soldiers of the World
temporally signed a treaty to drive off the Ultimate Soldiers with the Joes.This worked
and there has never been a Ultimate Soldier seen in the area since.But still, the fight
continues with the Joes and the Soldiers of the World......