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News Flash!
 by Neil A. McJoe
 This is just in, the Ultimate Soldiers are working on an agreement with the Joes.
This could cause the destruction of the Soldiers of the World.The agreement is
that the Joes and the Ultimate Soldiers become one.We had an interview with
Captain Croft, the commanding officer of the Ultimate Soldiers in the area and
also with Captain Anderson, the commanding officer of the Joes in the area.Here
is what they had to say,

 "The negotiations are going fine, it should go through but I'm concerned that the
Ultimate Soldiers might turn their backs on us so we have called in two new recruits,
Airman First Class Sherwood and while LT. Taylor is gone, we have temperarily
got the famous Agent J.O.E. For those who don't know who he is, he is the most
famous Joe in this area of Kansas.He is so good that nobody besides Joes has even
came near the outer limits of Salina (Salina is a city in Kansas nearby where the
Joes and everybody else get their supplies at)."-Captain Anderson

 "Us Ultimate Soldiers have been gaining ground in most places but here there is
no presence of us so we will have send troops in and for the first time, have a
presence in this area.As a token of our friendship, we are getting the Joes a
Little Bird Helecopter.Well, I think we will take the SOTW prisoners and have
complete control of the area."-Captain Croft

 Well, it looks like we will have a big war on our hands here.Well, this is Neil A. McJoe
Signing off saying good Joe hunting!